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Roy Rogers Show

Fibber mcGee and Molly

Wild Bill Hickock
Buckshot's Victory


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One vote per IP address. The show receiving the most votes will be the one posted the following weekend. The other three shows will remain on the list and be joined by a new show for the next week's voting. Shows remaining of the list too long without being voted #1 will be replaced. The results of the votes will be shown once the new show is posted.

This Week's Presentation

Sorry for the gap in posting but I've been on the road and wrapped up in some community activities. To make it up to you, I am clearing the voting booth and putting all the shows online.

Gunsmoke, 10/10/52
Suspense, "Suspicion" 4/3/48
Escape, "The General Died at Dawn" 6/16/49

As selected by last week's visitors to our voting booth:

Posted: 12/14/14

Dr. Christian
"Cupid's Boomerang "

Originally broadcast: 11/26/47      File size: 5.6 MB
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Past Week's Presentations

Posted: 12/7/14

Chase and Sanborn Hour

Originally broadcast: 8/28/38      File size: 13.8 MB
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Posted: 11/30/14

Great Gildersleeve

Originally broadcast: 4/2/47      File size: 6.9 MB
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Your Host's Choice

Posted: 12/14/14

Mysterious Traveler
If You Believe

Originally broadcast: 12/29/46      File size: 10.5 MB
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