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Reel 001 Channel Both
Side1 Recorded Date 1974-06-24
Item01 Title KBRO scoped
Both sides of the reel contain an aircheck from KBRO Bremerton, WA. June 24, 1974. Dated by reference in news broadcast regarding Tito's visit to West Germany and the Supreme Court Jenkins v Georgia decision. There are a few edits but it sounds like mostly a continuous recording. The recording is in stereo and was recorded at 3-3/4 ips. Steve Schilling is the host. Scoped files have only the music removed.

Easy listening music.

News at 9am President Nixon's Watergate issues; Tito visits West Germany; Puget Sound grocery clerks strike ends; commercial for Montgomery Ward.

Easy listening music.

Traffic reports.

Buy Swap and Sell Show. Announcer reads ads sent in by listeners.

News at 10am Trident submarine; Grocery strike; Alaska ferry; weather

Easy listening music.

Job availabilities in the area.

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