Cross Country on the Radio

Our sport receives minimal coverage in the media and this is nothing new. However, when looking back through the history of early radio broadcasts a few shows where found that feature cross country running in their storylines.

The shows listed below are in the MP3 format. Click, right-click, or option-click on the show title to download.

The Aldrich Family
Teenager Henry Aldrich needs to win his upcoming high school cross country race in order to get free tickets to the dance. As usual, Henry's plan become quite complicated. Originally broadcast on May 28, 1940. (7 megabytes)

In this British radio sitcom, the headmaster at Chiselbury School has lost the money that was supposed buy the prize of the race. Originally broadcast on May 17, 1962. (7 megabytes)
For more information about this show, click here.

The Adventures of Frank Merriwell
"The Disappearing Runner"
Frank has to find Yale's fastest runner who turned up missing in the middle of a race. Originally broadcast on May 21, 1949.
(I'm still trying to locate a copy of this show.)

Jesse Owens Winning His Olympic Medals
A 2 minute, 50 second look back at Jesse Owens' win in the '36 Olympics narrated by Bob Costas. (3.4 megabytes)

Jesse Owens Olympic Coverage
A 2 minute broadcast of Jesse Owens on winning at the '36 Olympics. (.5 megabytes)

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